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Gala Wines is a wine project, between the winemakers Eric Strid and Josep Mitjans based in Barcelona. The wines are produced at the Bodega Masia Can Mayol, also known as Loxarel. The goal for Gala Wines is to make high quality products for a conscious audience.
Our vineyards are only treated with organic fertilizer every four years. The first step was to release 4 wines from the region Penedés in Catalonia. Only the best grapes are used for the Gala Wines production.

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Gala Wines Cava Galawines RED

Systembolaget nr: 81344-01

Kind of grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo
Alc. volume: 13%
Serving temperature: 14˚C

Vineyards located in Alt Penedes, at 300 meters above sea level, they give us well-structured wines with good alcoholic volume. These vineyards are always treated with organic fertilizer and only every four years.

Maceration of the grapes in underground tanks for 22 days. Partial ageing of the Tempranillo for 6 months in French oak barriques Limousin.

Cherry with violaceous reflections.

Vegetal notes appear in the first place and they remind us of green pepper; later on we find fruit aromas (red berries). The vanilla sweetness appears with elegance.

This wine is the result of the combination of the Cabernet and Merlot "D5s" fruit with the toasted and vanilla of the partial ageing of the Tempranillo. The result is a wine with a more modern style and easy to drink. The acidity is well compensated by the alcohol; the tannin is silky but firm, rounding the combination perfectly. Its aftertaste is long and spicy (vanilla, cinnamon).

Enjoying time: Ideal to go with roasted and stewed meat, and cured and creamy cheese. It combines very well with Mediterranean dishes.

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